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#1435 Build 1.0.58

brian Fri 4 Mar 2011

New build posted and online docs updated.

Nothing major in this build, but lots of nice tweaks and bug fixes here and there.

Readonly Keyword

Biggest change in this build is that the readonly keyword is deprecated. The work around is:

readonly Str foo         // old way
Str foo { private set }  // new way

See ticket #1369 for more details.

SQL Changes

All the previoulsy deprecated SQL APIs have been removed in this build. See #1318 for more details.

FWT Enhancements

Lots of nice enhancements to gfx and fwt APIs:

  • buffered images via Image.makePainted
  • new intersection, intersect, and union methods on Rect
  • access to current clip bounds in Graphics
  • Desktop callLater for timer based callbacks

Many thanks to @ystrot who contributed many of these enhancements.

Also Andy continues to make continuous progress on refinements to the JS FWT implementation, it keeps getting better and better!

Change Log

Build 1.0.58 (4 Mar 2011)

  • Remove deprecated sql APIs (#1318)
  • Weekday.localeVals
  • js: fwt::ProgressBar
  • Add major world currencies to units database
  • Add service shutdown hook to AbstractMain
  • Desktop.callLater
  • List.shuffle
  • Rect.intersects, intersection, union
  • Graphics.clipBounds
  •, Tree.isExpanded
  • dom:, Win.close, Doc.out
  • Mark GfxEnv as NoDoc
  • Image.makePainted
  • #1139: File.copy: maintain permissions
  • #1156: Image API enhancements
  • #1369: Deprecate readonly keyword
  • #1375: Serialization type/slot reads too far
  • #1384: Fansh variables are always nullable
  • #1396: Java subclass method visibility widening disallows Fantom overriding
  • #1407: Better Error Messages
  • #1415: Cannot pass a closure to the enum class constructor

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