Build 1.0.68

Posted by brian – Thu 7 Apr 2016

Its been long overdue, but we have finally posted 1.0.68!

Dom Changes

There have been many breaking changes to the dom APIs. This is in preparation for the development of a brand new UI toolkit called domkit which we hope to open source later this year. Domkit replaces FWT as our toolkit for developing HTML5 user interfaces in Fantom. See topic 2466 for more details, and please review change log for list of changes.

Windows Launcher

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Build 1.0.67

Posted by brian – Thu 8 Jan 2015

I posted a new build and updated the online documentation - we had built up a huge amount of changes since the last clean build. No really big new features, but tons of small enhancements and fixes. Here are a couple of the highlights:


The dom pod API has received many enhancements, and will most likely be the center of a lot more development through 2015 as we continue to make Fantom a first class platform to target web applications.

JavaScript Metadata

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Build 1.0.66

Posted by brian – Wed 19 Mar 2014

Its been almost a year since we actually posted a build with all the latest changes. So I figured it was about time to to get a clean zip with all the tweaks, fixes, and enhancements we've added over the last 10 months.

Google code doesn't allow file downloads anymore, so I posted this build on BitBucket.

Couple notable new APIS...


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Official Hg Repo moved to BitBucket

Posted by andy – Sat 28 Dec 2013

The official Fantom hg repo is now hosted on BitBucket:

We looked at doing this a few years ago, but felt it wasn't quite ready. Since then its turned into a very nice platform. And more importantly, dramatically simplifies how we can accept and review patches. So hopefully this lowers the bar for contributions.

We are no longer pushing to - and will be bringing that server down over the next week or two. So make sure you update your local repo to use BitBucket.

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Build 1.0.65

Posted by brian – Mon 20 May 2013

I posted a new build and updated the online docs.

This is mostly just a bug fix release with lots of fixes and minor enhancements.

Build 1.0.65 (20 May 2013)

  • Add build javacParams config option (#1765)
  • Fandoc abstract Test classes
  • WebOutStream: add header, footer, nav, section, article, aside
  • Convert SqlConn from class to mixin
  • fwt: AsyncTask
  • Locale default support for /etc/sys/config.props
  • Normalize Uri https, ftp ports
  • #1891: Fix fandoc images embedded in paragraph text
  • #2051: Opening Uri by its scheme handler
  • #2052: sys::Uri.encodeQuery does not conform standard
  • #2054: Problem of Reduced Stack Trace
  • #2121: Runtime error when using Map as a type
  • #2133: Errs on Service.start()
  • #2134: NullErr with Safe Invoke
  • #2139: Can not override method that returns This

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Build 1.0.64

Posted by brian – Fri 21 Dec 2012

I have posted the latest build for download and updated the online docs.

The biggest feature in this build is what we have open sourced the webfwt. This is an awesome new pod that includes tons of FWT widgets designed for use in a browser making use of DOM and CSS.

Other than webfwt, this is mostly just a maintenance build with six months worth of fixes, tweaks, and minor enhancements.

Change Log

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Webfwt Open Sourced

Posted by andy – Fri 20 Jul 2012

Today we finally open sourced webfwt - and we decided to put it right in the core Fantom distribution! Webfwt is the browser specific extension to FWT we've developed over the last few years for our commercial software, SkySpark.

Almost the entire UI for SkySpark was built using FWT and Webfwt, so its quite a powerful library. There's quite a wide range of widgets available - just to name a few:

  • A real Hyperlink widget
  • A widget to directly inject HTML markup as content
  • Additional layout Panes
  • HUD style controls
  • Mini style controls
  • Popups
  • DOM optimized List widgets
  • Google Maps widget
  • CSS3 animated Transition Panes
  • Subclasses to FWT widgets (i.e. free form CSS for Labels)
  • OS X Finder-style ColTree widget
  • OS X style Sheet widget
  • Batch FileUploader
  • And more!

Anytime we create a new reusable widget, it will end up in this pod, so webfwt will continue to grow. Some widgets are currently marked @NoDoc since I don't consider the APIs stable quite yet. But things should be in order by the time we roll the next Fantom build.

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Build 1.0.63

Posted by brian – Sat 16 Jun 2012

I've posted a new build and updated the online docs.

There isn't any major new features. But its been several months since I've posted a clean build and there have been tons of minor enhancements and fixes since the last build back in Feb.

I've made quite a few fixes to the Java FFI that seem to keep cropping up in the old build, so this build should rectify a bunch of those issues.

Couple changes to highlight:

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Build 1.0.62

Posted by brian – Fri 24 Feb 2012

New build is posted and online docs updated.

Enhanced Constructors

A couple of really nice enhancements to make Fantom constructors more flexible:

  • construction syntax now works with every method tagged with new keyword and allows overloading by parameter types
  • static constructors now allow you tag static factories methods with new keyword
  • static constructors don't inherit into subclass namespace, keeps flexibility for your constructor naming
  • all make and fromStr static factories in core have been changed to static constructors

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Build 1.0.61

Posted by brian – Thu 17 Nov 2011

New build is posted and online docs updated.

Nothing huge in this build, just tons of little enhancements and bug fixes.

One breaking change to be aware of is that we have removed the ability to use a named super on classes. Use of the invokespecial opcode in that case is not allowed by the Android VM. See #1670 for additional discussion.

I also made the compiler a bit more restrictive in that it will now catch call chains like this foo?.bar.baz.

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