#1415 Cannot pass a closure to the enum class constructor

tonsky Thu 17 Feb 2011

Following example:

enum class X {
  x1(|Int i->Int| {i+1}),
  x2(|Int i->Int| {i+2}),
  x3(|Int i->Int| {i+3});

  private new make(|Int->Int| f) {}

tells me that:

>>> prokopov$ fan test.fan
/Users/prokopov/test.fan(2,19): Unexpected closure
ERROR: cannot compile script

brian Thu 17 Feb 2011

Promoted to ticket #1415 and assigned to brian

Probably related to the special treatment enums receive to init their ordinal and name

brian Mon 28 Feb 2011

Ticket resolved in 1.0.58

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