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#2073 Build 1.0.64

brian Fri 21 Dec 2012

I have posted the latest build for download and updated the online docs.

The biggest feature in this build is what we have open sourced the webfwt. This is an awesome new pod that includes tons of FWT widgets designed for use in a browser making use of DOM and CSS.

Other than webfwt, this is mostly just a maintenance build with six months worth of fixes, tweaks, and minor enhancements.

Change Log

Build 1.0.64 (21 Dec 2012)

  • Move webfwt into Fantom core
  • BuildScript.applyMacros
  • fwt: Dialog.defCommand
  • FanClassLoader support for resource URLs
  • Fix sql::Statement.execute to return Row[] on result sets
  • Add StrBuf getRange, replaceRange
  • Fix fanr signature encoding from abs to rel URI
  • Suppress deprecated warnings from within deprecated type
  • Enhance JarDist to generate Main.boot method
  • Buf.crc
  • Add bin/msvcr100.dll
  • Upgrade SWT to 4.2
  • Add
  • Keep InStream.readProps ordered
  • #1942: Err when making of err
  • #1960: Add List.removeAll
  • #2029: compiler bug - wrong non-nullabillity inference
  • #2031: json bug linebreak before comma crushed parser
  • #2043: Compiler NPE in static field assignment
  • #2058: No shutdownInput and shutdownOutput for inet::TcpSocket

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