#2043 Compiler NPE in static field assignment

Akcelisto Mon 15 Oct 2012

class T{
  static const Bool staticField := true
  new make(){
    this.staticField = staticField


ERR: Internal compiler error
sys::NullErr: Coerce to non-null
  fan.sys.NullErr.makeCoerce (NullErr.java:38)
  compiler::FieldExpr.sameVarAs (Expr.fan:1057)
  compiler::CheckErrors.checkAssign (CheckErrors.fan:989)
  compiler::CheckErrors.visitExpr (CheckErrors.fan:840)
  compiler::Expr.walk (Expr.fan:263)
  compiler::Stmt.walkExpr (Stmt.fan:61)
  compiler::ExprStmt.walkChildren (Stmt.fan:117)
  compiler::Stmt.walk (Stmt.fan:48)
  compiler::Block.walk (Block.fan:89)
  fan.sys.List.each (List.java:534)
  compiler::Block.walk (Block.fan:87)
  compiler::MethodDef.walk (MethodDef.fan:169)
  compiler::TypeDef.walk (TypeDef.fan:311)
  fan.sys.List.each (List.java:534)
  compiler::TypeDef.walk (TypeDef.fan:311)
  compiler::Visitor.walk (Visitor.fan:31)
  fan.sys.List.each (List.java:534)
  compiler::Visitor$.walk (Visitor.fan:31)
  compiler::CompilerStep.walk (CompilerStep.fan:14)
  compiler::CheckErrors.run (CheckErrors.fan:47)
  30 More...

brian Mon 15 Oct 2012

Promoted to ticket #2043 and assigned to brian

thanks for reporting

brian Mon 15 Oct 2012

Renamed from compiler crush to Compiler NPE in static field assignment

brian Mon 15 Oct 2012

Ticket resolved in 1.0.64


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