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#1913 Build 1.0.63

brian Sat 16 Jun 2012

I've posted a new build and updated the online docs.

There isn't any major new features. But its been several months since I've posted a clean build and there have been tons of minor enhancements and fixes since the last build back in Feb.

I've made quite a few fixes to the Java FFI that seem to keep cropping up in the old build, so this build should rectify a bunch of those issues.

Couple changes to highlight:

  • I've made it a compiler error use a string or Uri literal inside of interpolation, writing code like that is just plain twisted (although I am ashame to say I actually did find a place where I did myself in a test case)
  • Note that I've moved the dispose methods for gfx directly into Color, Font, and Image classes and deprecated those methods on Desktop (that is from a bit of prototyping to create a gfx implementation for AWT which ended in disgust at how bad AWT font rendering still is after all these years)
  • Locale.cur will be automatically configured based on Accept-Language header in your WebMods
  • FileWeblet will now default to use gzip compression for all text files

Change Log

Build 1.0.63 (16 Jun 2012)

  • Move dispose from Desktop to Color, Font, Image
  • Add util::FloatArray
  • Add IntArray, FloatArray sort
  • Add gzip factories to sys::Zip
  • FileWeblet gzip compression for text files
  • Propagate Widget.enabled down widget tree
  • Rename JVM MmapBuf to NioBuf
  • Map.getOrThrow, add UnknownKeyErr
  • flux: autoSaveTabOnClose option
  • flux: ensure FileResource can be overridden
  • Canvas.doubleBuffered
  • Add SocketOptions.connectTimeout
  • Add Text fg, bg colors
  • Add Key.minus method
  • @Js for Fandoc API
  • File.isEmpty to efficiently check for empty directory
  • Refactor JavaType to always preload the class
  • fwt-js: Table.onAction support
  • SmtpClient STARTTLS support
  • ObixMod batch op support
  • Add IpAddr.toNative
  • #1479: Cannot use strings inside string interpolation
  • #1788: Range Serialization from Fantom1.0.60 -> Fantom1.0.61
  • #1790: Fix Java dasm overloaded inheritance
  • #1792: Lenient compilation for once methods
  • #1844: sys::Field.get
  • #1862: WebReq.locales
  • #1862: Wisp set Locale.cur via WebReq.locales for request
  • #1885: the too-clever-editor bug
  • #1901: fwt::Tree does not repaint on refreshAll on OS X

geo Mon 18 Jun 2012

Is this available to download from the homepage yet, the homepage still lists 1.0.26!

geo Mon 18 Jun 2012

1.0.62 even, but I see 1.0.63 has just become available.

brian Tue 19 Jun 2012

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