#1790 Fix Java dasm overloaded inheritance

motonao Sat 25 Feb 2012

I got an error with 1.0.62

using [java] java.util::Date as JDate
using [java] java.text::SimpleDateFormat
fm := SimpleDateFormat("yyyy/MM/dd")
dt := JDate()

ERROR(8): Invalid args format([java]java.util::Date)

with 1.0.61 works fine. How can I avoid this error?

brian Sun 26 Feb 2012

Promoted to ticket #1790 and assigned to brian

Thats almost certainly a bug introduced with the change from reflection to disassember. I will take a look tomorrow. In the meantime you can fallback to the old loader by setting a config prop:

// {home}/etc/compilerJava/config.props

motonao Sun 26 Feb 2012

I forgot one line


then cause error. sorry. I added the setting , and works fine , thank you.

brian Mon 27 Feb 2012

Renamed from java FFI cause error with 1.0.62 to Fix Java dasm overloaded inheritance

brian Mon 27 Feb 2012

Ticket resolved in 1.0.63

This problem is a bug in my new disassembler based code which wasn't properly dealing with inherited methods that used parameter overloading.

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