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#1703 Build 1.0.61

brian Thu 17 Nov 2011

New build is posted and online docs updated.

Nothing huge in this build, just tons of little enhancements and bug fixes.

One breaking change to be aware of is that we have removed the ability to use a named super on classes. Use of the invokespecial opcode in that case is not allowed by the Android VM. See #1670 for additional discussion.

I also made the compiler a bit more restrictive in that it will now catch call chains like this foo?.bar.baz.

Also note the new classes IntArray and BoolArray. These classes provided optimized low level access to byte[], short[], int[], etc. This has been a much requested feature that lead to lots of people rolling their own.

Change Log

Build 1.0.61 (17 Nov 2011)

  • Upgrade timezone database with zone info version 2011j
  • Generate apidocs for @NoDoc type/slots, but hide in compilerDoc
  • Add fwt::Clipboard
  • Add readme.html to distribution
  • WispService.addr to bind to specific IP interface
  • Add util::IntArray, util::BoolArray
  • Fix Java runtime class loading deadlock
  • Duration.min, max
  • Duration mult/multFloat, div/divFloat
  • WispService.maxThreads
  • ActorPool.maxMsgsBeforeYield NoDoc hook
  • Remove support for named supers on class types
  • Add ACC_SUPER to JVM emitted classes
  • Fix sql Col lookup to be case insensitive
  • Compiler check for chaining non-null safe call after null safe call
  • Env.indexKeys
  • Remove UriScheme.scheme method
  • js: convert fwt::Table to desktop style selection UX
  • js: Obj.hash default implementation
  • js: rewrite Map implementation; use Obj.hash; support key collisions
  • js: Map.caseInsensitive support
  • #1464: js: Obj.hash always returns 0
  • #1485: js: Map doesn't handle equal hash codes
  • #1494: JarDist - support for main(Str[]) params
  • #1556: Timezone support (ISO 8601) - doesn't support all formats
  • #1564: Compiler error on abstract Func
  • #1607: Fix List.size to not automatically change capacity
  • #1608: extending sys::Str with replaceMatch/replaceMatches
  • #1639: Confusing error report when variable error in a string.
  • #1654: Fix example doc hyperlinks
  • #1667: protected modifier provides internal access
  • #1676: compiler: Non-nullable field mytext must be assigned in ctor

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