#1654 Fix example doc hyperlinks

Xan Mon 26 Sep 2011

In http://fantom.org/doc/web/index.html, "See examples for sample code" link has a wrong link.

Can anyone fix it. Thanks in advance, Xan.

brian Tue 27 Sep 2011

Promoted to ticket #1654 and assigned to brian

I probably need to do a little work fixing up how examples and example links work for next build.

In the meantime you can get to the all examples from here: http://fantom.org/doc/examples/index.html#web

Xan Tue 27 Sep 2011

Thanks for your fast answer.


brian Tue 15 Nov 2011

Renamed from bug in documentation to Fix example doc hyperlinks

brian Tue 15 Nov 2011

Ticket resolved in 1.0.61

Fixed adm/buildwebdocs to correctly wire up examples. For offline generation, those links will map back to fantom.org (since we don't generate example HTML in offline docs)

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