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#2892 Build 1.0.79

brian Mon 17 Jul

Its been too long since we posted an official build!

The biggest feature in this build is the new yaml APIs developed by a new contributor Kiera.

Also please note the deprecation of concurrent::Future.state which now conflicts with Java 19's version of Future.state (use Future.status now).

Lots of other new convenience methods and enhancements listed in changelog below.

We have some very major enhancements coming down the pike with regard to Fantom's JavaScript support including Node.JS support and TypeScript declarations. More to come very soon...

Change Log

  • New yaml API
  • Zip.readEach, Zip.unzipInto
  • StrBuf.reverse
  • List.eachNotNull
  • Env.path
  • New util::FileLoc class
  • IpInterface.prefixSize
  • HttpReq.postFormMultipart
  • Convert File.copy to use NIO
  • Add WebRes.statusPhrase
  • Add Win.clipboardReadText,clipboardWriteText
  • Date toLocale support for quarter
  • Fix charset handling on wrapped InStreams
  • Enhance compiler to allow covariant dynamic calls
  • Elem.closest
  • Event.relatedTarget
  • New BuildPod "js" target to stage for Node.JS
  • JS support for file API when running in Node.JS
  • Deprecate Future.state in favor of Future.status

chikega Sun 27 Aug

Congrats! :D

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