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#1210 Build 1.0.55

brian Mon 13 Sep 2010

Latest and greatest is published and the online docs have been updated!

With this build, I tried to close out all the tickets for defects (still have a few enhancements pending). Lots of bug fixes and a couple new features:

Java Annotations

At long last, I've finally got annotations fully operational through the Java FFI. Basically you can use a Java annotation just like a facet, and it will get emitted correctly in the Java runtime. For more information see:

JavaScript Storage

The JavaScript dom API now supports HTML5 local and session based storage. There are a few examples from dom::index:

// storage
win.localStorage["bar"]         // return value for bar from local storage
win.localStorage["foo"] = 25    // store foo:25 in local storage
win.localStorage.remove("foo")  // remove foo from local storage
win.localStorage.clear          // clear all contents from local storage

Its not quite complete yet since we don't have serialization working (since local storage has to be "json-izable").

Change Log

Build 1.0.55 (13 Sep 2010)

  • Enhance DateTime/Time pattern for AM/PM
  • dom: Win.sessionStore, Win.localStore, Doc.title
  • Remove obsolete support for * field storage operator
  • Add EnumOrdinalAttr to fcode format for enum fields
  • Java annotations support
  • Add DateTime chapter to docLang
  • #668: Java FFI - use Java annotations
  • #863: Java FFI issue: Failed to assign an value to arrays of Objects through FFI
  • #1114: Invalid field for tableswitch: compiler::FField
  • #1150: Require ++/-- to be on same line
  • #1183: Str as CharSequence and sys::List as java List
  • #1190: compile error on list of java arrays
  • #1191: Param default expr cannot access itself
  • #1192: Formalize type inference rules with parameterized generics
  • #1194: Disallow () call operator on non-func types
  • #1204: Don't allow |A->| function signatures
  • #1208: BootEnv should use ext classloader

yachris Mon 13 Sep 2010

Fantastic -- thanks for all your hard work on this. Much appreciated!

liamstask Wed 15 Sep 2010

Great to see the annotation support - thanks for digging into that! I've been waiting for that to do some more appengine integration...looking forward to making some more headway on that now.

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