#1150 Require ++/-- to be on same line

Coderz Sun 18 Jul 2010


The following code will fail

class Test
  Void main()
    x := 5
    echo ("x = $x\n")
    echo ("x = $x\n")

If the first echo statement ends with a semicolon (;), then the code works. If the increment of x is done with x++, and not ++x, then all is fine.

brian Sun 18 Jul 2010

That is the correct behavior according to the current grammar.

Things like ++ and -- are not perfectly unambitious with regard to newlines versus semicolons.

We have made some changes to the grammar to require certain things like the ( symbol of a call be on the same line of the call target. We could potentially do the same thing for the ++ and -- operators if everyone agrees with that restriction.

rfeldman Sun 18 Jul 2010

I'd agree with that. I can't think of any scenario I've ever heard of where someone really wanted to be able to put the ++ or -- on a separate line from the variable.

lbertrand Sun 18 Jul 2010

+1 To separate the operator from the operand does not make any sense at all.

casey Mon 19 Jul 2010

I am yet another in support of this notion

Akcelisto Mon 19 Jul 2010

+1. I support this restriction.

brian Mon 19 Jul 2010

Renamed from ++var not working properly to Require ++/-- to be on same line

brian Mon 19 Jul 2010

Promoted to ticket #1150 and assigned to brian

brian Wed 8 Sep 2010

Ticket resolved in 1.0.55


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