#569 docCompiler gives |Obj| for |This| it-block

alexlamsl Mon 4 May 2009

Bump into this while reading Obj.with

andy Mon 4 May 2009

Promoted to ticket #569 and assigned to andy

tactics Mon 8 Mar 2010

This seems to be a weirdo of an issue.

sys::Obj.with is apparently the only place where a function is allowed to take a This object as a parameter (as it shows in Obj.fan, line 92):

** This method called whenever an it-block is applied to
** an object. The default implementation calls the function
** with 'this', and then returns 'this'.
virtual This with(|This| f) 

However, either the restrictions on using This changed, or this method was never available for override:

class Foo
  override This with(|This| f)
    return this

Running this throws:

C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Desktop>fan Foo.fan
C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Desktop\Foo.fan(4,3): Parameter mismatch in override of 'sys::Obj.with' - 'with(|sys::Obj->sys::Void|)' != 'with(|sys::This->sys::Void|)'
ERROR: cannot compile script

Seems like either with needs to be changed to take an actual |Obj| param, or with needs a little more magic compiler dust.

brian Tue 11 May 2010

Ticket resolved in 1.0.53

This issues is fixed by #1056

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