#2709 Java Version - Requiring 1.8

brian Fri 31 Aug

Just a head's up, I am planning to change the supported version of Java to 1.8 very soon. At this point 1.7 is no longer supported, and 1.8 is pretty widely deployed. We had changed the supported version of Java from 1.5 to 1.7 last Nov in build 1.0.70.

This will be the new baseline version used to compile the Java source code, and we allow Java 1.8 libraries to be used within core native code. There is a fair bit of hacks in the Java sys to deal with versions going back to 1.6 that I am going to remove.

We'll probably keep 1.8 as our baseline Java version for a long time due the pain of upgrading to 1.9. Plus we still have a sizable chunk of work to support Java FFI with 1.9.

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