#2657 Fandoc - Markdown Styles

ruchc03 Fri 13 Oct 2017

I would like to request the following Markdown styles to be included in Fandoc:

  1. Underline Emphasis (Underline Italics): __*underline italics*__
  2. Underline Strong (Underline Bold): __**underline bold**__
  3. Strong Emphasis (Bold Italics): ***bold italics***
  4. Underline Strong Emphasis (Underline Bold Italics): __***underline bold italics***__
  5. Underline: __underline__
  6. Strikethrough: ~~Strikethrough~~

Thank you!

SlimerDude Mon 16 Oct 2017

Hi ruchc03!

I like the idea of having more formatting options in fandoc - underline and strikethrough. Although I'm a bit concerned that underscores for underline deviates from the Markdown spec which uses underline for italic and bold.

Have you seen this syntax used elsewhere?

ruchc03 Wed 18 Oct 2017


Upon further research, you are right. I based my request on what was outlined here: Markdown Text 101 (Chat Formatting: Bold, Italic, Underline) , but it is obviously for the Chat Formatting Markdown of a product called Discord.

Upon testing the combined emphasis and strikethrough noted here: Markdown Cheatsheet - Emphasis, it appears the two are not currently supported in Fandoc.

controlsforall Sat 30 Jun 2018

@Brian Could we support underline and strikethrough on fandoc. Working on sandstar and eac documentation. These would be welcome on the documentation side.

brian Sun 1 Jul 2018

Markdown is pretty messy, and neither underline, nor strikethrough are really heavily standardized. I've seen people use "__" for underline and "--" for strikethru which makes sense. But the standard which I typically consider the most important one is CommonMark and it actually standardizes "__" as alternate to "**". So making "__" underline doesn't seem prudent.

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