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#2146 Build 1.0.65

brian Mon 20 May 2013

I posted a new build and updated the online docs.

This is mostly just a bug fix release with lots of fixes and minor enhancements.

Build 1.0.65 (20 May 2013)

  • Add build javacParams config option (#1765)
  • Fandoc abstract Test classes
  • WebOutStream: add header, footer, nav, section, article, aside
  • Convert SqlConn from class to mixin
  • fwt: AsyncTask
  • Locale default support for /etc/sys/config.props
  • Normalize Uri https, ftp ports
  • #1891: Fix fandoc images embedded in paragraph text
  • #2051: Opening Uri by its scheme handler
  • #2052: sys::Uri.encodeQuery does not conform standard
  • #2054: Problem of Reduced Stack Trace
  • #2121: Runtime error when using Map as a type
  • #2133: Errs on Service.start()
  • #2134: NullErr with Safe Invoke
  • #2139: Can not override method that returns This

SlimerDude Mon 20 May 2013

Ha haa!! I had feeling the "Brian Blitz" earlier today was leading up to something!

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