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#1372 Build 1.0.57

brian Thu 6 Jan 2011

I have posted a new build and updated the online docs.

This build has lots of bug fixes and a couple of nice enhancements. Big things to note:


I've made significant changes to the sql API. The key class is now SqlConn which models a logical JDBC connection. This API replaces the deprecated SqlService. For additional details:

The original APIs all continue to work exactly like before, however they have been deprecated and will be removed in build 58.

Additional Locales

Thanks to katox who wrote a script to generate sys locale files from Linux data files. We should now have basic date/time/number locale information for most major languages. For those of you living around the world, please take a look and let me know if your locales look okay.

New APIs

  • Added util::Random class with seeding support (popularly requested)
  • Added shutdown hooks to sys::Env
  • Date/Time locale formatting now fully supported in JS

Bundle Java classes in pod

You can now bundle Java classes into a pod for deployment. They have private visibility to the pod class loader. See:

Breaking Changes

There were some minor breaking change which might effect some code:

  • Removed deprecated slice methods which were replaced by getRange in build 56
  • Socket classes are no longer const
  • no longer supports binary reads
  • Tightened up compiler checks for as, null-safe operators
  • Use of comma operator requires add to be annotated as @Operator

Change Log

Build 1.0.57 (6 Jan 2011)

  • Rename sql::Col.of => type
  • Change how JDBC classes are preloaded by sql
  • Update timezone database
  • Add support for timezone aliases (tzinfo backward list)
  • FileMod: remove requirement that file exists, just return 404
  • Fix Map.add, getOrAdd handling of null values
  • Change Border.defVal from 1 to 0 width
  • Tighten up Num toLocale to reject invalid patterns
  • Add Subtype Substitution section to docLang::TypeSystem chapter
  • Improve closure performance making Func.params lazily loaded
  • js: Complete DateTime/Date/Time toLocale/fromLocale
  • sql: add support for sys::Decimal type
  • js: Deployment and running docs
  • Add sys locale files for most major languages
  • Remove deprecated slice methods (replaced by getRange)
  • #430: Bundle Java classes in pod
  • #1260: Seeding the random number generator
  • #1307: VerifyError with as/+ operator combo
  • #1308: Closures param names are not available at runtime
  • #1313: Require Operator facet on add for comma operator
  • #1314: Env.addShutdownHook
  • #1316: BorderPane not a subclass of ContentPane?
  • #1318: Sql API changes
  • #1326: Support for is/as operators on value-types
  • #1328: not working properly with Unicode
  • #1344: fansh doesn't handle Java FFI variables
  • #1345: Coerce in shortcut assignments
  • #1348: Make inet Sockets non-const classes
  • #1363: Obj.trap support for default args of null

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