#1091 KeyDown not working in FWT/JS

rfeldman Sun 2 May 2010

Looks like KeyDown listeners are not being translated correctly to JavaScript when using FWT.

Label label := Label { text = "Hello!"; halign=Halign.center }
Window window := Window
  size = Size(800,600)
  title = "Test"
  onKeyDown.add |Event event| 
    label.text = "Received key: $event"

The above will correctly render the label in both desktop mode and in JavaScript. However, in the desktop environment, the onKeyDown trigger will be processed, whereas in JS it seems to be ignored.

andy Mon 3 May 2010

Promoted to ticket #1091 and assigned to andy

jessevdam Fri 12 Aug 2011

I would like to note that you already have fixed this key event ignoring problem.

andy Fri 12 Aug 2011

Ticket resolved in 1.0.60

Thanks jessevdam

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