#2911 yaml test files

SlimerDude Wed 20 Mar

Just a quicky; as much as I'm all for unit tests and I love the new yaml pod - do you think there may be a nicer way to package up the yaml test files other than having 2,000 loose files in the etc/yaml/tests/ directory?

For example, could they be distributed in a single etc/yaml/tests.zip file that the unit tests extract when needed?

As it stands, it's quite messy, and I don't think the average user has much need for them.

brian Wed 20 Mar

Those are not checked into the repo, nor distributed. They are downloaded from github when you run the yaml tests. Look at the yaml build file for targets to prep/cleanup those files if you have run the yaml test suite.

Henry Thu 21 Mar

Hi Brian, it seems like these test files are included in the distributed fantom-1.0.79.zip from the Downloads page

This is an untouched & unpacked version of the zip that I was going to use for building from source:

yaml screenshot

brian Thu 21 Mar

That is a mistake, will ensure that directory nuked in build superclean target

SlimerDude Thu 21 Mar

Cool, thanks Brian. I was under the impression all those files were being distributed on purpose - silly me!

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