#2908 Vim with Fantom

pcl Mon 19 Feb

For any other Vim enthusiasts: I made a small script today to write out pod documentation as vimhelp files. I like navigating the library documentation from within vim itself, rather than on the website.

See: https://codeberg.org/peterlane/fantom-examples/src/branch/trunk/tools/VimHelpDocs.fan

The pod/type reflection api is very helpful for writing this kind of tool! More and more, I appreciate the pod-based nature of the Fantom platform. Being able to write Pod.list and walk through all installed pods is very convenient.

pcl Sat 2 Mar

The next step in improving my Vim<->Fantom experience was tag navigation. I have written a small program to create a "tags" file from Fantom source code - it's small because the compiler library makes this almost trivial! The compiler source is quite easy to read, and I managed to pull out what I needed to parse files and extract the type and slot definitions.

The pod is available at: https://peterlane.codeberg.page/fantom/#writeTags

Gary Wed 6 Mar

Cool, thank you Prof Peter Lane! :)

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