#2867 Grabbing variables from other classes

Dylan Bardin Thu 7 Apr 2022

Hello! Sorry if this is a basic question but I'm pretty new to Fantom and Java.

I have variables that I must get from an @Js class in Fantom. (grabbing them from skyspark). However, the method to change records in skyspark cannot use an @Js class. I was wondering if it was possible to grab variables that are defined in an @Js class and transfer them to another class that isn't using @Js.

Does anyone have any insight on how to accomplish this? Any help would be much appreciated!

SlimerDude Tue 26 Apr 2022

Hi Dylan, I've just noticed this post...

Although I don't really understand your problem, as using the @Js facet on a class doesn't preclude you from accessing or copying field values.

Dylan Bardin Wed 27 Apr 2022

Hello! A few days after asking this I realized it was sort of a silly question. I just wasn't able to use the SkyArc API inside of a Js class so I was trying to find workarounds but I just used the DOM API and that did the trick. Still new to all of this.

Thanks for responding!

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