#2855 The Standalone VM released

Jed Tue 31 Aug 2021

I'am working on new runtime targets:

  • Compile to C
  • VM/Interpreter

I have written the sys/std/concurrent pod native code in C/C++.

Now it works and can run simple Fantom code. Although it lacks a lot of testing.

This work was released with Fanx 4.0. If you want try it: download and usage

SlimerDude Wed 1 Sep 2021

Looks good - your fanx is certainly making progress!

brian Wed 1 Sep 2021

This is a pretty impressive project you have tackled!

I can't run your binaries b/c I have macos x86 - are you developing on an ARM mac?

How is fangen working? Is that transpiling Fantom to C code?

go4 Wed 1 Sep 2021

Just build for win-x86_64 and macos-arm64. You can open and run it from IDE:

  • XCode: ./runtime/fanRun.xcworkspace
  • Visual Studio: ./runtime/fanRun.vcproject

From fcode(fantom bytecode) to C. The two backends share fcode parser GC and native code.

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