#2853 fan command not producing output

Himanshu Patidar Thu 19 Aug 2021

I am trying hello world program on my machine using command " fan hello.fan", but it does not produce any output, also when I do some syntatical error in my file (e.g. Class instead of class) then also it doesnt produce anything although when I use any file name which is not there it produces error, kindly help me with this as I have tried everything I found still the issue remains same.

SlimerDude Thu 19 Aug 2021

Hi Himanshu, it's difficult to help without knowing any details, but it could be that your Fantom set up / installation isn't quite right.

Some help on setting up Fantom can be found here and here - and some "Hello World" examples can be found here.

Himanshu Patidar Thu 19 Aug 2021

Yes SlimerDude, I also think this is some setup issue but I have followed what is mentioned in all these docs, I am using a windows server, can that be a problem?

Himanshu Patidar Thu 19 Aug 2021

This problem is solved now, it was because of the missing systemroot variable in path of windows server.

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