#2852 Haystack, Skyarcd

Himanshu Patidar Tue 17 Aug 2021

Where can I find haystack and skyarcd pods, not available on eggbox repo

brian Tue 17 Aug 2021

The haystack pod is in the Haxall repo, but available as source only right now. Once we do a Haxall release you can download it that way. Not sure we have a plan to release individual pods from Haxall to eggbox (although haystack would be an easy candidate since it doesn't have any depends).

The skyarcd pod is only available in the SkySpark distribution (and will always be that way)

Himanshu Patidar Wed 18 Aug 2021

SlimerDude Wed 18 Aug 2021

Hi Himanshu,

To answer your last (now deleted) comment, you would need to also build the Haxall pods as well as the Haystack definitions.

For the benefit of anyone wanting to try out an early version of Haxall, until the first official release is published, a snapshot build is available here. Be aware though, Haxall is still under active development with new features committed every day - exciting times!

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