#2844 About srcDirs of build.fan

CretinHo Wed 16 Jun 2021

The build.fan generated by F4 has srcDirs like this:

srcDirs = [`fan/`]

Assuming I have the source file all in the current directory, the same as where build.fan located. How could I correctly set srcDirs?

If I set srcDirs like this:

srcDirs = [,]

It will complain it can't find the sources!

SlimerDude Wed 16 Jun 2021

To compile source files in the current directory, try passing in the URI of the current directory to srcFiles:

srcDirs = [`./`]

CretinHo Thu 17 Jun 2021

SlimerDude: srcDirs = [`./`] is right. But F4 generated build.fan doesn't work.

compile [test]

Compile [test]
  FindSourceFiles [2 files]

/home/test/Downloads/test/buildx.fan(1,1): Using 'build' which is not a declared dependency for 'test' BUILD FAILED [9ms]!

I have to add "build 1.0" to depends like this:

depends = [

"sys 1.0",
"build 1.0"

Then it worked. But I don't know why it always put the pod in $FAN_HOME/lib/fan

SlimerDude Thu 17 Jun 2021

In a normal development workflow, pods are usually run, or tested immediately after being built. Hence the default is to install them to the local Fantom environment.

To have pods built to a different directory, change the outPodDir.

outPodDir = `/path/to/somewhere/`

Or use `./` for the current dir.

See BuildPod.outPodDir for details.

andy Thu 17 Jun 2021

Look at the init tool for stubbing out a new pod source tree:


This creates a fan.props file which tells the compiler this is a PathEnv and to put output pods into your local <proj>/lib/fan folder.

CretinHo Thu 17 Jun 2021

SlimerDude: Does F4 make use of the new init tool? I think not, because it was developed before this tool was created. Do you think refactor F4 to force it to make use of this new init tool is a good idea? I think this will ensure consistent between Fantom projects since there is only one tool to create the source tree.

BTW, in RingoJS we already have ringo-admin for a while.

CretinHo Thu 17 Jun 2021

andy: I have posted many threads on this forums. Please let me know what is your thoughts about them (in their respective threads). Thanks.

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