#2842 How to build to jar file in F4?

CretinHo Wed 16 Jun 2021

In this example:


I notice the class Build inherits the mixin BuildScript.

But in my build.fan on F4, it inherits the mixin BuildPod.

There also no option to build to jar file.

Do I have to create another build script, maybe buildx.fan?

Does more than one build script supported?

And how do I tell F4 to use buildx.fan instead of build.fan?

It's too complicated!

CretinHo Wed 16 Jun 2021

Please add this export to jar feature to F4. All other Eclipse based IDE have this. On the Xtend IDE (Eclipse for DSL developers), the only thing I have to do to get a runnable jar is to use the export to jar feature!

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