#2839 F4 IDE with system Dark theme

CretinHo Tue 15 Jun 2021

This is how I make F4 looks good enough to use on my Linux (XFCE) which uses Dark theme. F4 without tweaks just looks terrible.

Just go to Window/Preferences/General/Appearance and select the Dark theme. Apply and Close then go to File/Restart and enjoy!

SlimerDude Tue 15 Jun 2021

That's good to know, thanks. On windows, there's an issue whereby the eclipse dark theme changes everything but the main font text - which remains black. Doh!

CretinHo Tue 15 Jun 2021

SlimerDude: it's the same on Linux! The editor font is still black. But at least, looks really better. Still difficult to read compared to proper text editors like Geany with the real Monokai theme. F4's Dark theme is somewhat a poor quality Monokai!

CretinHo Tue 15 Jun 2021

At present F4 only looks great with the Light theme. It doesn't like Dark theme!

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