#2832 Fantom with it own runtime without the JVM?

09q5jfqc Tue 18 May 2021

This is possible now, using this framework:


But I afraid the Fantom devs are mostly Java developers so they don't know how to deal with this C++ code.

This framework is used to power up Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM, which I'm using now without any problems. So it definitely good enough for Fantom.

The problem is if it worth and you have the resources to do it or not. I think you don't want to lost the ability to interop with Java code. But Fantom's interrop with Java is not great at all. There are so many caveats make it not the best possible alternative language to Java on the JVM, e.g: Inner Classes, Java Generics,... So, I think it worth to be a standalone language, without depending on the JVM, you may be the Python of your own.

BTW, I acknowledge Fantom in it current shape is good enough, though. So this is just another suggestion and may be go in vain.

brian Tue 18 May 2021

Haven't heard of that one, but looks cool. The goal we have discussed would be to compile to WASM VMs. But we need to wait until they figure out their GC strategy. Sounds like this has GC already though. But I've always thought that should be an eventual thing we should have

09q5jfqc Tue 18 May 2021

Maybe go4 will interested in this. He currently has his fanx language, too. But I prefer to make Fantom an actual scripting language like Python with the help of the framework above, not relying on LLVM to generate code like him currently does, though.

CretinHo Wed 16 Jun 2021

This is too much work I think it's not worth guy.

But I have something interesting for you here:


Found from my bookmark. Don't remember when I bookmarked it.

You could try yourself but I think Fantom should remains in it current form. There are many things could be improved and already too much works for the developers.

Just my 2 cents.

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