#2831 Fantom is beautiful

CretinHo Sun 16 May 2021

I just wasted 3 months with Eclipse Xtend (xtend-lang.org) but finally can't understand how to use it correctly. Of course basic level it's just another Java, I could write simple program fine. But to it advanced concepts like Active Annotations and Extensions Methods I'm really lost. Both being JVM language but I found Fantom is simpler, even though IMHO is less powerful than Xtend.

This is just my first impression at Fantom, I'm not really tried it, though. Time will tell if my impression was true or not.

09q5jfqc Wed 19 May 2021

Active Annotations is for you to control the code generation of the Xtend compiler. It's not the regular Java Annotations you used to know. Being a DSL language, Xtend can be manipulated by various ways making it extremely flexible compared to language like Fantom. But if you don't want to develop DSL, you shouldn't use Xtend. If you use Xtend only as a syntactic sugar (assumed you stuck with old Java <= 8) then if you don't need to don't mess with Active Annotations. Only use a subset of the language you need and you will be OK.

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