#1112 JarDist omitting .class file

liamstask Sun 6 Jun 2010

I have a pod with a native class, and when I include this pod in a JarDist() task, the rest of the pod makes it in there, minus the .class file for my native class. If I do an unzip on the pod file in my fantom installation, the .class file is in there.

brian Sun 6 Jun 2010

Promoted to ticket #1112 and assigned to brian

I actually never actually did anything but minimal testing with pure Fantom pods. But the functionality for handling pods with native Java code was never completed. But now that Actor got moved to concurrent, this happens even with the fansh example.

brian Sun 6 Jun 2010

Ticket resolved in 1.0.54

I beefed up the JarDist build task and the examples:

  • inspect pod.meta for pod.native.java (new prop) to see if the classfiles are already built (which should happen for all pods with native Jave code), in which case we can just use classfiles in pod zip, otherwise route to JStub
  • do some basic dependency checks since we've parsed out pod.meta
  • enhance buildjardist example script to build a complete standalone wisp web server (just runs test mod)

You will need rebuild all your pods for this fix to take effect (to ensure new pod.native.java property gets added)

liamstask Sun 6 Jun 2010

Great - thanks! Testing now.

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